You can see our new building in a GALLERY


Construction completed

In August 2010 our company opened a new company premises in Letovice. This was preceded by two years of demolition, reconstruction, arranging and moving. In the picture gallery there you can see how the building proceeded and the arrangements of new premises, in which is now full operation of our company. Total acreage of new built premises is over 4.000m2, with a new production and warehousing area larger than 1.800m2. Originally there was an old farm building.
Českomoravská textilní company applied, in connection with the reconstruction, for the allocation funds of Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovations (OPEI) - Programme of support REAL ESTATES. The administration of the programme is hold by CzechInvest agency on behalf of The Ministery of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic.
Thank you for your cooperation and support to all who participated in this project.