Product line - Curtains
The collection of our curtains consists of knitted and woven curtains. With regard to the knitted jacquard curtains, we offer a wide variety of classic flower and geometric patterns, curtains with border design, bistro curtains, etc. Our collection of woven curtains includes the smooth voile, sable, organza, voile with prints, voile with interwoven effect yarn (rain effect) and special technologies like scherlie, jacquard and burnt-out. A part of our curtain collection presents the special collection of children themes. The individual patterns are available in various heights and color shades with an option to add a leadweight in order to satisfy all possible requirements of the final consumers.
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  Knitted jacquard curtains
The knitted jacquard curtains are primarily manufactured on the jacquard machines made by Karl Mayer. Thanks to our assortment of the machines, we can manufacture curtains of the softest up to the very heavy structures. These machines are capable of producing any pattern according to customer requirements. The curtains are made of quality 100% polyester, which does not turn yellow under the sun exposure  and has a long life duration. We as well offer fire retardant curtains for schools, hotels, etc. The knitted jacquard curtains are mostly delivered in white color, however any color shades are possible on requests (spraying through stencils). The yardage curtains are available (width of 12 to 130 inches) or as the ready made curtains, which do not require any further processing and are available in many sizes .
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  Woven curtains 
The woven curtains are primarily manufactured from quality 100% polyester (or polyester yarn combined with various natural brand yarns like cotton, viscose etc.) in widths from 36 to 125 inches. According to the production technology in use, the collection of woven curtains can be sorted into the plain voiles, voiles with effect yarn, printed voiles,  voiles with an embroidery, voiles with special technologies like scherlie, jacquard, burnt-out, organzas etc. The individual patterns are available in various heights and color shades.
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  Decorative fabrics 
The decorative fabrics are primarily manufactured of 100% polyester yarn or polyester combined with various natural fibres in the width of 57 inches.Some part of the collection is also available in the width of 110 inches. Our collection of decorative fabrics includes designs of various production technologies like printed decorative fabrics, decorative fabrics woven with effect yarn, decorative fabrics with an  embroidery, burnt-out decorative fabrics, blackouts (light proof), etc. All decorative fabrics can be customized on request – for example the fire retardant treatment,  treatment against soiling, etc.
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  Jacquard tablecloths
The jacquard tablecloths are manufactured using the same technology as the jacquard curtains. Among the favorites are the tablecloths that do not soil and can resist spilled liquids like tea, coffee, red wine, etc. These products are suitable for all types of the interiors like apartments, restaurants, dining halls as well as pensions and hotels. The savings on maintenance when using stain and waterproof finish comes to approximately 30%. The material has the quality certificate for textile products and the liquid proof effect is guaranteed. Major benefits you could look for in these products are represented by  the long life use,  the color stability and the fact of lasting stain and waterproof resistance even after repeated washing using common laundry detergents. Ironing these tablecloths does not damage their anti-soiling attributes.
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